Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remember!!! early morning blog. Not sure about this one it feels wrong, like i've got to much time on my hands.

Still "use this power for good" the voice in my right ear hole keeps whispering. That's considerate. I couldn't handle it shouting at me right now.

So lots to do today. I've got to adapt The Jungle Book for the Key Theatre summer school, whilst i'm there i should have a think about staging it. I've also got to stage The Wizard of Oz. That's for Dubai summer school in a week and a half.

Then on Dubai, I'd like to sort through some play ideas. If I can go out there armed with several outlines for a rep season I'll be happy.

I need to have a serious look at A Christmas Carol. Martin hasn't said no, but I need to re adapt to create our version.

I need to organise our first workshop at Sedgehill school, that's if I can get through to my contact there.

I should speak to my agent, I suppose. (He's a good guy really.)

So i'm gonna get on and let you know what's done and what isn't later on. So have a great day.
Smile at least your not in Big Brother.



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