Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Picking the best fifteen!

As the planning and preparation for 2008 hits home and begins to pick up momentum, I find myself in a familiar yet totally unfamiliar hat.

And I'm not talking about my fez.

The Rugby world cup is with us again. Yep it's time to cross the water for some French toast, maybe a coffee and a croissant and then the perfect wash down with a beer or two. All this of course before 'Swinging Low."

Brian Ashton has an enormous task. Me, as a complete patriot, and Rugby fan remain optimistic.

His task is all about picking (as Sir Clive did in 2003,) the right team to take to the field in each game. Brian (his job made harder with new players coming in) is under pressure as the raining World Champions endeavor to retain that honor.

So, I was thinking about Dubai 08. The proposal is for us to produce the Heather Brothers musical 'Slice of Saturday Night'. Interestingly enough, well i say interesting. (I find it interesting, if you don't you might want to stop reading this now. Why don't you go and tense all your arm muscles by pushing you're arm into the wall for thirty seconds. Then step away and watch as your arm as it performs it own impression of a hail Hitler. Spooky!) hh..hmmmm sorry about that. I'm getting exited and my English blood boils.


So, interestingly enough we would be looking at about fifteen in the touring party.

It's quiet a number to manage. When people are in for the experience you rely on good will. If you don't have that things could get sticky.

So do you go for your best players. What if they don't all get on? Do you go for a diplomatic mix?
I'm sure I'll work this out. I've always been a believer in 'the best people should get the call.' Ahh but who are the best people?

Are they the best actors, singer or dancers? Are they good all rounders? Or are the good company members and great to travel with?

Yep Brian mate best of luck. I made not have an entire nation on my back, but I think i understand your world a bit better these days.

Swing low people, swing low!!!


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