Saturday, September 15, 2007

Then it all goes wrong!

Then you step into a packed tube to hear nothing but abuse. You leave only to find you've had your pocket poached and the book you're really enjoying is gone.

You meet friends who seem down on the world, they misunderstand you and you argue the point that makes it worse.

Now you're drunk, tired annoyed drunk! You head for home and miss your bus. Some young lads decide you look lonely and try to teach you a lesson on smiling by throwing fists in your general direction. You miss another bus.

You climb into bed at Nine am, after the train you jumped on at Five has taken you in your drunken slumber all the way to Gillingham and back.

You can't sleep due to road works taking place right outside your third floor flat window.

Your phone rings and you are summoned into work on your day of due to two mistakes made during the week. You leave the flat after drinking black tea and brushing your teeth with sour milk. The lady across the street points and laughs.

What could be worse.



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