Friday, February 01, 2008

I noticed that there were less birds.

January is over, another January under the belt. Many of my friends share a view that January as a month is the worst.

I'm not sure why?

We have been busy since October getting ready for a larger scale holocaust memorial performance, and although we weren't completely satisfied with the end result, on the grander scale of things it went very well. This took place in later January and although this took up all our attention, it's not the reason I think Jan should be hailed as miserable month. Nor miserable's opposite..erm pleasurable?

What do you intend to get out of the year? When are you going to take a break? Who are you going to meet? I've been asking myself these questions throughout January.

I'm not of the assumption that all of these questions fit into one evening, and cease at mid-night. "When then, we all set off into a new year, forcing ourselves into forward thinking, and running into the narrow minded streets, walls both sides." ZW

I like looking over walls. I'm not bloody spiderman. Although when i was a child i often thought different.

January has meant that i get a chance to think about the year whilst actively living in it and looking around. That in turn has given me a chance to remember stuff i'd forgotten from last year.

The beer mats with the word 'easy' written on them that gave me and two like minded friends a very pleasurable evening. In which we enlisted there help to show interested passers by how we were feeling.

The fact that when we emerged out of the channel tunnel I noticed having had not much sleep that there were less birds flying in the sky. I wondered if this was synonimus with the rest of France.

Alls i'm saying is don't put yourself under unneccasary pressure. Don't build the brick wall tunnel on new years eve. Have fun.

Now go on say it January! Now say it like shes a friend! xx



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