Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hi ya mate!!

It's great to look around and see people doing well. And i thought I should keep you up to speed.

Robert Maskell (Someone Who'll Watch Over Me) is in The Sound of Music in the Westend. He is cover for 'Max.' I saw it a month ago and him in the role. Laughed my ass of!!

Kev and the boys up at The Old Red Lion, I believe I've already mentioned that achievement.

Mr Peter Brad-Leigh (Neville's Island) is rolling in and out of tele work. Rhys is working down at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

Even young Danny Box (SM) is working in town on Les Mis.

All we need now is myself and Darren Hillda Hill to crack the pop idol world and we've nailed it.
What do you reckon Darren, Robson and Jerome, or Adam and the Ants?

Go on the boys... huh hum....sorry and Georgia. xx


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