Sunday, February 03, 2008

Working in a right angle.

Have you ever had those moments in life when everything is rolling along quite nice! You seem to know where everything is going and you are happy with your knowledge.

Bang! You do a John Wright workshop, and your brain crumples like a screwed up piece of paper, in the hand of Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Politician!?) Hehehe! "I'll be back!!!" "Kohagan give zees people aierrrrrrrr!!!"

Now i'm in a new world as my brain jumps, bounces and appears to be laughing from within it's own basket/pin ball machine.

Add to this the fact that i'm now on a night shift at an adult video making studio, yep a night watchman in porn palace, and maybe you can begin to see my silly, yet soon (and hopefully forever) embodied situation.

I thank you mr Wright, my two friends John and J and all the other Wright school graduates of 'Metaphor' and 'Play and the Pleasure Principle!'

I now have the terrible/delightful problem of dealing with my new, tainted with bright adolecent colours and unfolding brain.

Oh well looks like it might be a warm February! And an annoying one for those around me who don't know what game i'm playing.

My clown of Edinburgh 2002 has been recalled just in time. Isn't it funny how some times things happen all in sink. Wow! I'm now in my new job working with a year 7 class at Sedgehill school. I hope they are ready to roll.

You see!!! It's inprinted some new and amazing prospects already. I get to laugh all day with several different set of students. Playing games, awesome!

Life, isn't it ridiculous!


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