Friday, April 04, 2008

The new era.

I'm at a moment in a film, i'm settled, i'm relaxed i'm beginning to unwind, the film is good. I contemplate reaching for some food, I take my eyes of the screen just for a moment as I look to the well prepared plate. My appetite beginning with my eye full. I reach and grab just like a crane, it's delicate and precise, a very specific movement. As it draws the vision towards my mouth. The eyes flit upwards back towards the screen, yes..i've not missed a second of my viewing pleasure.....

Bolloks. Yes I have. A quick confusion kicks in. Momentary as the penny's an advert.

Alright, like most lads I can forgive the channel 4 stream of adverts. For one in five remind me to get up and get a can of stella from the fridge.

But honestly they were really starting to bug me. So much so I had to sit down and examine why I was getting annoyed.

I think that my basic annoyance besides the constant interruption to my cotching, (erm.. yes that's right i said cotching,) is that most adverts aren't very good. They don't inspire me to buy a product, they don't tell a story and they very rarely make me smile.

Um...maybe I should make some of my own. I thought my tiny brain bouncing around it's shell like peanut stuck inside a walnuts body. This will stop me having yet another thing to moan about as I descend into grumpy middle aged man.

Well we did say we could turn our head to anything. This is our first attempt. Now it doesn't promote anything and there is no story, or is there. A series will follow.

youtube, the new home of advert making.


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