Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank you!

The day the bombs went of I had swapped a shift at work (a restaurant in South Kensington) with a flat mate. This meant that I avoided the carnage and was left at home like so many to watch and let the confusion descend into the deep routed suspicion of the 21st century.

The initial power serge was supplanted in such away that you always knew that something else was going on. Phones went silent, the news readers were talking with bafflement and not their usual direct paper shuffling voice of the world.

It had begun.

A week later I was sat on a bus at Victoria, in a ten minute frenzy the police had stormed the bus. Sixty + people had rushed to get off in lightening quick time as the words "Bomb on the bus!" were thrown around with frightening truth and expertise. There was no bomb. There was no threat. There was a poor young Arab boy in floods of tears being escorted from the bus like the red transport were some prison cage for animals. We a crowd of 59 + irrationally frightened commuters realised there and then what July 7th had set in motion.

It was a very sad day.

We've produced the play "In my Name" by Steven Hevey which is enjoying a great transfer into the West End at Trafalgar Studio 2 from the sell out run at The Old Red Lion.

With clear and present danger rife in London at present life is very uncertain. This has been brought to our companies door recently as Ray Panthaki (who plays Royal) in the play is the boy friend of Brooke Kinsella whose brother was stabbed last weekend. We at Yaller Skunk would just like to offer our love and support to the Kinsella family. Ray is an incredibly strong person and we'd like to thank him for his commitment to us through this terrible time. Our thoughts are with you.

We'd also like to dedicate this weeks performances to those people who lost there lives in the bomb attack on July 7th 2007. In peace we trust!

Thank you to everyone for your work with this production. And may we all feel free and content in every walk of life!


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