Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'll take today!

I strut through the park, and I suppose that gives me an aroma of arrogance. I'm not, but today my head is held high and my chest is finding a natural place 'forwards.'

It's got nothing to do with backing the winner, nor have the tempting devil's of my inner most thoughts lead me to that place where only ladders will get me out. This is something else.

I know I felt at some point as though there were a million little workers in my body, all pulling little threads. These threads are attached to ropes that if you follow them to their ends, you find the civil organs of the body. I'm not saying that the other organs are pointless, in fact the opposite! For, much like a Cello needs a strong bridge they work effortlessly, and unnoticed.

These civil organs are mixed and complex instruments. They beat, they are like train stations as blood rushes through them, one is the capital, the other is like a festival.

As the workers pull back there individual strings these organs sound out loud and clear. I can all of a sudden feel my pupils. A gong sounds, I am breathless and perspiration becomes a haze that floats around my head, like a bumble bee to a nest. The train stations roar, the crescendo peaks as the head worker in coat tails waves his sticks.

A pause....

It is over...

The workers relax. One lone little dude in a melee of panting, looks around. "Yipee" he mutters. Workers as people now begin to follow the leader. First with no commitment and then with gusto as it spreads. "Yipee, yipee yipee!!!" "Yip f**king ee!!!"

A chaotic relaxation exhumes as the never stopping stations power on. The strings still in hand are relaxed, as the dramatic moment ceases the ropes lay silent.

Then, there is a slow sound. A surrounding echo. The workers heads prick up like a dogs ears alert to the sound of nearby curiosity. The sound comes again! Louder! It moves like hurricane with no wind, the workers take up the strain. The stations speed up.

Here we go again.....

I awake, I've slept well, long and silent. Every part of me is relaxed and soft. The stations are quiet.

Overcoming fear and standing up to your own inadequacy's are worth more than a run on the treadmill.



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