Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Birthday Wishes.

Jesus, i'm Twenty Nine tomorrow. Always new i'd make it so up yours all you doubters!!!

I think me and Kevin have got some choices to make in the coming days. Production time requires a level of commitment that depends on a strong will to survive. As a company if we have one flop, that's already one flop to many. No more Yaller!!

We've got a brilliant director in me old pal Rhys, and what a find Rob Maskell was. Even our little stage manager Danny boy is faultless in his commitment. Now we just need a fourth cast member for our next production Neville's Island.

We have a few people in mind, but it's not always easy to cast things, and I don't want to cast someone with the lure being a free holiday in Dubai.

Don't get me wrong, I have no whip to crack, I can't go ten minutes without laughing at something, which reminds me... I stood and watched some genuine Red Indians yesterday whilst paying for my new computer. They were playing pan pipes!! You don't see that every day!!

Anyway, as Kevin goes off to his advert casting and I head to the Key Theatre Peterborough to fashion a fat suit. I can walk into my day happy in the knowledge that our decisions can make or seriously f**k up our company.

Cool eh!!

I wonder If Red Indians wear pants?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

The Mis-Ter-Ons

Yep, as the mist set in last night i was having a wine binge. Not quite recovered yet and life still makes sense. Question! At what point does a mist become a haze.

Rob, you old ba****d, (in case your young one's are watching) We will certainly sort out some dates for a visit. Yes Robin Hood is going very well.

Kevin....WAKE UP!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

I've just seen the Stone Roses bass player!!

Primal Scream last night at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Awesome!!!! Manny rocked, I'm beginning to make progress on getting through my 'things to do in life' list. Erm... I would love to devise a show that incorporated my favourite tunes... Kev, what do you think?

I'm buying a computer today. Yeah!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Wow I think I just dribbled.

Ok already progress today, Andrew 'the web king' Culture or Laws if your related to this barmy army of web design is making serious progress on the website. I've just sent of for the contracts and I had a brief chat with Martin Costello the head honcho at The Catford Broadway Theatre, Yaller's spiritual home. He is as excited as ever. Oh is that the time. Best get of to my panto rehearsal...

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Hot on the trail of a nice climate in May 07

We may have become an international company a little quicker than expected. How does Dubai/Abu Dhabi grab you? Well I can tell you it's hot!! If Rhys ends up coming with us he is going to melt and complain alot. Still. . . good lad Rob straight in there with the passport info I requested. You truly are a good old chap. Nice photos by the way not quite as convict as I was expecting.

Alot to sort this week Kevin is looking after our MySpace...expect strangeness. Anouncements, contracts, new players to meet and be introduced to, publicity the list goes on.

Primal Scream in Cambridge this evening, well it is my birthday week!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company

Sunday 26th November

Everything has just been exciting recently. I'm feeling really good about the work that has gone into the website. So a big hand for Andrew for all your help. We have now got confirmation of the next Yaller Skunk production, keep an eye on our website for more info. I can't believe it, I feel like I've come of age... Am I seriously learning how to use a computer.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Old blog posts

Hey hey! Just to let you know you can find our old blog posts here -

from now on we'll be using this blog, so come back often!