Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Audition Day

It went really well today. I'm pleased to have met the guys who came in for us.

It was also very interesting. What makes a good audition?

All of the guys offered us good speeches and evident talent. But, for me it was all about the company chat. What we need as we build this company from scratch is a level of commitment that supports our three week rehearsal period, and the four week run at our home The Broadway, Catford.

I think we've found our guy.

I've also sent one email to Forest Hill School. I hope we can begin that part of things. I'm missing workshops and am eager to get on with relationship building. Clowning workshops are also a right laugh.

We'll see. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh my life.

A great weekend, very relaxing. Shame England couldn't manage a win, the mighty Tigers aswell. Still all is good in other areas.

Holding auditions on Tuesday, and looking forward to them.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The day I caught the train.

Oh god, we are holding auditions on Tuesday 27th Feb for the role of Angus. I hate going to auditions. I wonder will I get some sort of perverse pleasure sitting on a panel. I'm going to have to push myself to play true and safe.

Poor guys. Coming to an audition is bad enough. But get there, with all the nervs that go with it, only to find me and Kev at the end of it. Still i'm looking forward to it.

It's going to be a work shop style. Important that we all get on!

Got the emails of a good handful of schools today. Just got to decide what i want to say.

Life is good. Well, if we beat the Irish tomorrow, life will be sweet. We are definately chugging on.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking To The Future Through Thick Glasses

I can't see, I seem to be walking two feet forward then seven backwards.

As long as you've got someone to catch you if you fall that's alright isn't it. I think the trick is accepting a walk before you even think about running.

I was working on our education files today and have decided that if i can strike up a solid relationship with two schools then that will be better than contacting ten and spreading things thin.

I'm not interested in working on things for just bums on seats, thing is, you try and convince people of this.

If i'd been interested in money, I wouldn't have become an actor/workshop leader/practioner.
It's sad that it all comes back through these channels.

I miss the guys from Stanground School, devising with people who love looking.

Well i'll have to keep looking. There will be a School out there somewhere, with a teacher, who can see our worth.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mr Bloody Saturday Night

Yeah, it's Sunday. I've lived a whole other week.!! Yes, sometimes I am sarcastic. And, yes sometimes i feel like talking about it. Saturday night should be an occasion for fun and laughter, same as any other night of the week. Should I choose to put myself in harms way, waste my time or quite simply go home, I will, with a smile on my face.

I'm not an aggressive man, but I'll tell you what, the next idiot who leaves me standing in a crowded pub for near two hours, then has the stupidity to say to me, "I couldn't find the cab". Well I'm personally going to enjoy buying a round and watching them vomit, as they realise they are drinking WD40 taken from a dodgy cab from Old Street the night before.

You see people take advantage of others. How do I know this, well I've done it. We all have. But don't turn around and dig using an invisible shovel .

Big week coming up. Lots to be done. Best just get on i suppose.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Salvaged (It all started with a phone call.)

What a day. We've been very busy.

Not long was I out of my pit, when my phone rang. Number, 'Withheld'. "Do I answer it...."

Well, I did. "Mark, it's Chris Kettle here, your bank account is up and running." Ace (I thought,) now all we've got to do is to fill it.

Been in touch with Richmond Productions today, we can pick up the Neville stuff early March. That's the set to travel abroad, and the props.

Meeting with Michael Cross with regards to 'Someone Who'll Watch Over Me' 2007. Ace. He's real interested in having us open their studio in Peterborough. Sketchy on dates but it's nice to know that our first production is still lurking about.

Writing, scheduling and getting life in order. Wow, I just found an Aspall cider i put in the fridge over a month ago for just such an occasion. Chhh..gulp,gulp ahhhhhh!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feeling Like A School Boy

I remember when I used to get in from school sometimes and just feel tired. Well,...that's me at the moment just tired.

And yet with such a great start to the year (January being very rose) i don't feel like I've accomplished much in Feb.

Mark. You knob. It's not over yet, salvage it.

OK then I will...I'm of now to learn some contemporary dance. (<, other way up.)

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Day I Caught The Train

All on board, last call for London kings Cross.

I'm going into one of my arty phases, buger!! I'm not at all arty it just happens to me sometimes. I get all heady and drift into different worlds. It's writing that does that to you. Constantly thinking until your brain drifts slowly from it's thick shell and seems to be dancing around before your very eyes

At this point I'm wondering if cheese should become known as the legal psychedelic stimulant of the underworld. A bought of Stilton gives me serious dreams and therefore cause for concern of a growing addiction. Also I think I'm having a relationship with a beautiful lady in my dreams. I wonder do the two go together, or am i just thinking to much.

Oh well, hope you are all well. This guy Steve can't do the character Angus in Neville's Island so we've begun looking else where.

Best go or I'll miss my train/spaceship...er I'll leave it there. (Mark leaves the room looking confused.)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bank Man Chris Kettle

We have a bank account now. Well when Kevin gets the right documentation. Dick Head.

Yeah, we get a cheque book and pen...hope we don't start shooting blanks.

There is alot of work to do.

Neville stuff is coming together, Cranberry Juice is writing itself.

England won at Rugby, life is sweet.

The Bank Man Chris Kettle

Yeah oh yeah we are official. Well apart from Kevin not having the right documents. Dick head.

We'll get a check book and pen, and a bank card. Just hope we don't fire any blanks.

Me nerves are kicking in i've just relised the enormity of what we are doing. If we are in anyway slack we are sunk so a definate dry, healthy period is on it's way.

It feels good. My agent sent me a breakdown of things i've been up for, the one at the Old Vic looked good. Nice to know someone is looking out for you.

Peter Brad-Leigh is in for Neville 100% We are going to meet Steve this week so all looks good.

Andrew, (web guy/technician) Rhys (Our director) are confirmed for Dubai, and we are playing the John Mills Theatre in June with our first devised piece.

We are making friends left right and centre.

And we are reading a play called Highlife. Possibly to produce it later this year. It's very Tarentino esc. Perfect!

All is good then...i can even make a Snow Man today. Life in the fast lane driving at a lick. Keep jogging on everyone.