Saturday, March 31, 2007

More than this!

I was in Ipswich last night beginning the chat to support our first devised show of the year. 'Cranberry Juice'

Booze makes us all a little scared I think. The fear rises as we all then head for our comfort zone. I try to live outside of mine, but sometimes it's hard. And when you get nervous strange this happen in our heads.

Talking to people becomes hard. You know whats in your head, and you properly know that it's good. You just can't get it out.

Some times all it takes is a look to communicate. To many words and you can get lost.

Learning Neville lines today I want to be off book for Monday. Prop hunting as well.

It was a great first week.

Cheers for everything lads.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Natural Insomnia

Not sleeping, feeling detached and quick/slow random thoughts, all part and parcel of rehearsals for me.

This does feel different though. And although very uncomfortable I'm glad.

It is different because the character thoughts that are a part of an 'Adam Canning' (Someone Who'll Watch Over Me) 'Ray' (Lone Star) are not the same with Nev. Neville seems to struggle to make any other decision apart from the first one. 'Carry on regardless'

You see Adam found out a truth for him and he made a decision on that truth even if that was under extreme duress. That enables release, which in Adams case resonates in his screams and shouts as he trys to pull his chain from the concrete to kill Michael, or break his own ankle. (That's just the way I played it. Well, who wouldn't want to kill Rob Maskell)

We found that Nev is all about what he doesn't do. He doesn't tell Gorden to leave Roy. He doesn't tell Angus that love exists whether you say it or not. It all just sits in his head.

This would suggest that i'm looking to play him with danger behind the eyes. I'm not.

I still don't know how to play him. But today was a golden day.

Of course I can only speak for myself, but just from watching the other guys and taking there offers. We could win this one.

Inspired, tired, nervous and feeling grand.

Friday will hold alot. Discovery time moving towards decision making time. It just gets better and better.

Lyt (Lewisham Youth Theatre) have also added to my passion today. Thankyou.

Is there anything I would change....yeah. My sleeping pattern! But i'm happy to live with it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It will never end

Got up and moved the thoughts around. My head hurts.

There is so much more to people! I almost wish i was a fly watching this all go on. I don't know what i'd make of it. People are interesting. Every single one of them.

'Take care' in an every day throw away complement all of a sudden seems so much more important.

Foot print!

I think I right that for a reason. I'm just unsure why.

One thing I do know is I've got support. Kev, Pete, Darren and the daddy Mac. Plus everyone around me who keeps me me.

Looking forward to tomorrow.x

Ripping up the text!

Yeah, out of the frying pan and into the fire. That is a typical day two of rehearsal. Actors always feel the need to be up and moving . I'm terrible for it.

"In my experience we should look at character now, or later on we'll just run out of time." Rhys tells the company.

So we begin looking into the text looking for clues. These guys (Characters) have a background, a home life, and family and friends. We've just got to find them.

Rehearsing in this way means a couple of things. One is that we put of blocking. The reason being that the blocking (Moves) will happen in quite natural manner once you've decided on character relationships. The seconds is that as a company we begin to realise through our discovery, that Nevilles Island is deeply complex. Especially a studio production. It requires a realness as the audience is practically on the Island with you.

This is scary. As actors you begin to doubt yourself, looking at the time frame and thinking "Ahh we'll never make it". It's out of the comfort zone and settling for anything other than truth. Our truth, our decisions as a company.

Better that than a whole load of pointless moves in day one and two. Just to make ourselves feel comfortable, and that we're getting ahead!!!

Heart beating ten to the dozen. I just hope I can sleep.

Monday, March 26, 2007

First day

All good, the lines are in and i'm ready to go.

Just joking!#

It was a good first day. Read through as you would expect, then just some messing around on the text and the next few days. I trust!!

It feels great to be in from the beginning. We've got loads to do and what feels like months to get us there.

But you know, this is going to be different.

We're gonna laugh our arse's off all the way. I'm going to make sure of that.

I wish them indians could see this now.

Friday, March 23, 2007

We're all friends together!

All set, Monday 12pm. Neville lives! Well he will do in three weeks. Big thanks already to some other places, people do seem willing to support us. That always comes as a surprise to me.

We do the same, but again that thing of image rears it's ugly head. Who are we really!

Well Neville is going to bring us that step closer to finding out. Until then hard graft and laughing a lot will prevail. (Well, it will knacker us as well!)

Mind the hoarse road.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It does all come at once!!

I've got alot to say today, which is no surprise seeing as I'm meant to be line learning. Firstly I've just had a great lesson with some degree students. I was asked to teach a little about how to come up with a company, run it and keep sanity.

Well I'm sure these guys at PRC now realise sanity is the hardest part.

They were nice students though, and nice people.

Which brings me to my next surprise of the day. Darren only turned down the commercial. Again how good is that! That information brings out the best in others. I've been in rehearsal all day, and I've felt brilliant.

I know me and Kev work hard, we have a trust, and the understanding between us to say if we're behind.

But when people make sacrifice, and give you an offer, it makes you run even harder. The next four five weeks are not going to be easy. Getting those five solid reviews isn't going to be easy. But I'll tell you what, giving 150% and leading from the front and by example is going to be easy.

Darren, cheers for putting the bit between our teeth. We're on and I'm mad for it.

Proud to be!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thank You Richmond.

I think we've made a new friend In Bill from Richmond Productions. We've got our set, we've got a stack load of advice. The sun was out, the coffee was good. He's got a beautiful house, and a working reputation that certainly rubbed of on us for the brief hour that we met him.

Cheers Bill, we'll be in touch.


Well the first of many i'm sure, Darren Hill has got a Commercial. He's going to miss the first few days of rehearsal. These things happen though, you just have to get on. Lead from the front. Hope they follow. Does wonders for your nervs this job.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Minor set back.

Ok such is life, all going great then I go and slash my finger open at work. Work being my money job, bar keep in South Ken.

Not bad Mark, well done!!

Got loads of stuff to carry tomorrow, Kev..erm..I think i'm going to need your help.

Still it's made me realise my determination again. I can't do ill or injured. You get to far behind and then life becomes stressful.

That's not what were about.

I was thinking about first day of rehearsals when it happened, boom, four hours in casualty! What do doctors and nurses talk about? Why one waiting room then another?

Better give my finger a rest now. Now that's dedication.

Monday, March 12, 2007


As I am English I enjoy overcast weather. I accept that! So when in early March the SUN comes blazing into my life again, I am confused for a moment. Then I believe I fall into the category of 'Typical English Man'. Or, 'Handkerchief Head', which ever way you look at it.

The thing is I was happy yesterday anyway, things are going nice and smoothly, and at a steady pace. As a company were at the right level of stress for this part of the process. Meetings this week to look people in the eyes, and check were all fighting for the same thing. 'Reputation!!!!'

Of course the fact that the sunshine came out, I had my first BBQ of the year and we beat the French was all a bonus.

I love my life.

Hope your all smiling.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Things fall into place. (Sometimes!!)

A day of emails, gathering of information and tea. And I've quite enjoyed it.

Dates for rehearsals of Cranberry Juice are in place. All passport info has gone to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We're cracking on with the set and prop finding for Neville's Island.

Now all I've got to do is learn my lines. All I can hear in my head is an old friend Simon Bamfords voice saying 'It's so hard to learn'. He's played Nev before you see. Now you would think that would make me very mindful of starting now so as to not run out of time. No!! It's a regular trait of the actor to brush things under the carpet and depending on some mystical creative streak to save him/her.

Still it usually does, but for a young company basing itself on reputation we can't afford the blag. Oh well I'll stay in tonight then. I hope you lot are doing the same.

Spoke to Bill from Richmond Productions he's a gent and very helpful. We are meeting him next Thursday to listen to his stories from abroad. We're looking forward to it. He's the chap who is lending us the Neville set for abroad.

We are going to Ipswich for a big weekend to promote the Pulse Festival. Clown suits, flyers and a NEW IDEA!!! All I can say about that is, people of the Switch, Yaller is coming.

So have a great weekend everyone. Take it easy. If I've emailed you today, emailing me back would be ace. Acting/Reaction. You know what I mean.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's all built on trust.

I've just had the best meeting ever in this environment.

Some times this job is very volatile. You are forced to deal with big opinions, egos and sometimes even direct criticism. An idea can be rubbished in an matter of seconds. So some times it's hard to keep things sane.

Cranberry Juice was an idea created between two friends with a similar training background. It was put under the company heading as to build company profile. But, it didn't involve everyone in the company.

Kev I thank you. For your trust and once again, for letting me know that we are on the same page. I owe you a Guinness.

Meeting next week for all the cast of Neville. We are nearly there. We'll be busy but satisfied.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've over done it again!!!

I've just had the best weekend. I'm tearful as i write this because I could spend another month with these people. I miss every single one for all the right or wrong reasons. You guys make me tick.

Can't wait till we have a Yaller weekend. Me, Kev the G, we'll show you the truth. Keep smileing. Well, my heart always will. Even if it can't see.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, March 02, 2007

We've found him.

Darren Hill has answered our call. A fine young actor, and enthusiastic man is playing Angus.

All the other audition peeps have been notified. No tears, infact all was possitive. People seem to realise our genuine aim.

So full speed ahead.

I also recieved an email from abroad confirming dates for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, best get my passport sorted.

Also a meeting with Ralitsa Nenkova this morning to feed back on our devised piece from January. The Holocaust
She is very happy to have worked with us and is going to try and organise a trip for the guys out of school time table to come and see Neville. She also wants January to be a regular event, plus she asked me to do some more workshops with them.

The sun is out and I'm smileing as I head to the lakes for the weekend. Have fun.