Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh my eyes

I've just found out that my friend Phil has worked the last three Sundays on the bounce. has the world gone mad!

Happy remembrance day.

Yes I did stop still at eleven o'clock today. Had a little think and then wiped the tear from my unfortunate face. Life has changed innumerably.

Myself and a large eared man were teaching yesterday. I think it's one of the best days of work that I've had in recent years. It had nothing to do with my performance or charm. But everything to do with the wealth of seeing other people excel. "Can I really do this job." I still ask myself.
'They can' I thought to myself yesterday. Stop feeling like a fraud and help these people move forward.

There in lies a big difference.

I don't think I've ever wanted to be looked at. Shit it's only taken me thirty years to realise. Why did i get so much of a buzz walking into my old schools staff room the other day. We do I read John Simpson books and actively plan out my walk into Afghanistan. Why do I write these blogs?

It's not so that someone reads them.

On the face of the theatre world it would be easy to say and I've often heard the phrase "Struggling for work." But dudes I don't want to be famous. Yeah sure a little extra cash that would come from a spell in Eastenders would be useful. But could i handle people talking to me as if they knew me better than my mum and dad. Jesus if we are honest i bet there are things that even our parents don't know about us. The last thing i want is to be recognised. I've learnt that receiving recognition and being recognised are two completely different things. I feel like a child has it really taken me this long to understand.

Reading the news is a harrowing experience. Theatre that heels is where my interest lies. If that begins at KYT, and if that takes me a life time that's fine. Maybe someone else will carry it on.

"They don't make them like that any more." was said of my Granddad at his funeral. Well they should!!!

Then maybe we'll all stand a chance rather than blagging it!!!

Happy remembrance day. x

Thursday, November 08, 2007


"Laughter is the thing that clenches your stomach muscles and makes you wince like a leaf folding in two due to dehydration."

Right....not sure that it's a good thing then according to that statement. Lets try another.

"Laughing is what you do when someone falls over."

Yes...but I was looking for something a little more in depth than that.

"Your laugh comes from your guts, only when you find something truly funny."

Ummm...anyone else thinking quotes can often be crap.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Umm well. This feels good.

This title does not refer to the feeling in my stomach when I am full and content. Nor does it refer to the loving feeling of watching squirrels run up and down trees. I refer to the insanity of a reward I get from my job when all is going well. Mind you I just had a rather nice cup of tea, that was also quiet satisfying.

Dates look set for Dubai 2008. Now the team needs to get together. I feel a greater sense of achievement with this beginning. This is possibly due to the search for a venue in setting up this particular production. Catford is great. Know I mean that seriously. The venue is great to perform in and our experiences in that venue hold us as actors exactly the same as it holds the audience. Baited breath.

We love the challenge of being real on stage.

But to think that a musical such as 'A Slice of Saturday Night' would do well there would be ridiculous. We have learnt early, and I hope learnt well. Energy is the new name of the game. Singing with Energy!

The Key Theatre Peterborough is to be the home of our next venture before it trips out to Dubai in the UAE.

2008 is looking like a venture and a half.

The cry from the wings comes "Your next line is......!!!" The audience waits with mesmerized eyes paused in time to await an outcome from a vulnerable cock up. My brain ticks over.."Time for something new I think." Smile!! I know what's coming.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Where have I been?

A friend from the north phoned me today and asked why the blog for Yaller Skunk had ceased. "It hasn't" I replied, "it's just been a while."

I actually do write (more often than not) for company reasons. If we stick to our five year plan, and Yaller is a company to be reckoned with in the future, all these blogs are a good way of keeping tabs on thoughts, feelings and well to be honest where the hell we've been.

Not this time.

No. Now i'm writing because I feel compelled to. I've been having so much fun.

I feel I should begin by explaining the last entry. Paris? It was written the night that England lost in their pool match against South Africa 36-0. Yes I was there. A crap game of rugby. We should have known it was going the wrong way when we discovered only alcohol free beer in the Stade de France! Still being English we kept optimistic.

I suppose we made up for it a week later when we discovered some sort of super lager in a bar near the Parc de Prance. Yep, 1 1/2 pints and I was gone. Si joined me on 2. And I believe Guy was with us both on his 3rd.

We left old iron guts Murugappa to fly the flag for a nation on boozers.

You see recently life has been about friends. Work has been good at the moment, so i've spent a great deal of time at weekends catching up with old (and i mean old) friends.

I'd just like to say thank you.

Lets keep it up, oh and keep in touch. The next set of memories are already waiting for permission to become live and unleashed. So cheers for the champagne. Raise a Peroni for the Journey.

And Guy! No I don't want that extra brandy.

Safe Journey you pair! xx