Friday, April 13, 2007

How!! Do we highjack people.

Every rehearsal has been productive. All the people involved are getting on top of this production. Now all we need is an audience. This, I am at a bit of a loss with.

Good reviews will help, word of mouth and good media coverage.

I need people to help us out, to give up that one night down the local (or if your like me) choose Catford rather than being stuck in limbo somewhere in central caught between the decision of which train to get home. Just two stops out of London Bridge. Not far, not expensive and not a waste of time.

If you like theatre/television/film you'll like this venue, this production and these people. If you think Neville's island doesn't appeal, you'll never know. We might beable to surprise you.

Theatre is a haven for inspiration. This is for anyone who enjoys feeling entertained. Least of all you can at least appreciate the omount of work that people have put in to this.

I have to wear this hat. The 'marketing' cap. Which, being a Bill Hicks fan is a horrible thing to have to admit. I don't want money, just support.

Hope that helps save my soul Bill!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All coming together for a fried sausage.

I'm never sure which hat i'm wearing. My head is spinning.

A great rehearsal today, picking on the tiny looks, eye roles and inflections mid-line, to create a truthful/natural experience for our audience.

They are so close they can smell your breath, it requires a certain style which i believe is coming. Trust and belief is growing.

We can do this, we can prove that 'Someone Who'll Watch Over Me' was no fluke.

I know we're tired lads, but keep going. Keep that look in your eyes that only each of us will see.

We can bloody nail this.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not an entry.

It was a very hard second week. Not in the sense that rehearsals were hard and slow progress, it was just the life of the poor actor showing it's ugly head. It was all very tiring. That's why no entries. long days and even longer nights working the wage.

Mind you at least I'm not Darren Hill or Hilda as we now affectionately call him. That boy finishes rehearsal and then goes to work in a casino until 6am. That's incredible!!!

Still we are about to go into week three, an I've got every reason to believe that this is going to be a very successful show. Well it will be if we sell some tickets.

If your reading this, please get booking.

The guys are beginning to work very well together.

Looking forward to a big production week.