Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Come and have ago if you think your hard enough

Urban splash days, new writting readings. Hard impro thats what is bugging me today.

Look anywhere and theatre companies all over are doing these kind of projects and making money out of them too!!

Thus obtaining some sort of lable.

If you work in a school working on a production (Your a TIE) company.

It gets us back to that thing off wanting to do everything.

I think we should get into street performance. I could just see Kev in a lycra top shouting out at passers by in Covent Garden.

Thing is I just don't want to follow what other theatre companies are upto, that would make us dull.

For me, ideas and insiration come during moments of clarity.

Ohh well a dry spell coming up then..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The beautiful Helen

The Neville shots are done and they look great.

Helen and same took us out in costume on location in Catford.

We fitted right in with the Catford crazy people.

Helen took loads of shots, she is ace. And big sam came with us aswell. I don't know what we'd do without those to.

Martin is drawing up a contract, bank account opens on Monday, and Billy is interested in playing Angus!

Bugger...I just burned my finger.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lets get it on!!

Pulicity photos tomorrow for Neville's Island. Soon to go on sail.

We'll be out in costume to get these shots. I'm looking forward to it.

A video has been made of the Holocaust piece, so we can expect that on the site soon.

Billy Clark is having a read of Neville for us, but if he should turn us down Pete has made/brought a suggestion to the table.

So it's all coming together....

Cranberry Juice is also looking good, John Mills Theatre June 9th/10th.

I have a slight headache is the only thing. But i'll live.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great Stuff

Our first devised piece of the year went very well. The holocaust is not an easy subject to tackle when trying to deal with a year full of comedy.

Still, the last image of our piece 'The seven stages of prejudice' was hair standing up stuff.

There was the theme from Platoon playing in the back round as the company walk (one by one) onto the stage. They walk on in character, and as they walk the character traits fall and they drop to the floor. Mean while the hosts are squeezing the life out of a globe in the background.

I had a tear as the enormity of the holocaust hit home.

Well done guys, you've given me confidence, you entertained me and moved me.....I also had a beverage. Perfect.

Ps. If only those Indians could have seen it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great we're on our way.

We had a great first meeting on Monday.

Me and Kev first off. Then Martin (Theatre Manager) Rhys (Our associate director) Robert (One of Yallers Performers) and of course Mr Peter Brad-Leigh (Another of Yallers performers)

Why was the meeting great, or what makes a good meeting?

Sometimes I think you can sit in a meeting and be told a list of instructions, or (if your on the other end) You can give out some ideas, and everyone just sits there staring at you.

Everyone had an input yesterday, and all early indications are good. It is now very much an exciting time.

Martin and Helen (The goddess) were supportive as ever.

Rhys gave off the charm and trust that we've come to expect from a director.

Mr Brad-Leigh was observant and quick to offer a helping hand.

And Rob, bless him. He sat and listened and pitched in were ever necessary. (It is a shame he can't be in this one.)

Me and Kev bounced ideas like we always do, and yep we are both still on the same page.

All that we've got to do now is make our second production even better than the first.

Doors are starting to leave their frames and although only a crack is showing and there's along way to go, we're all up for it. Photo shoot next Tuesday!

New writing looms!

So does that cat from next door....Sod off!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

laugh untill you can't

Post man Pat, post man Pat, post man Pat and his black and white cat! ( Oooo mixed race )

Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, Pat feels he's/she's a very happy... well he/she should do. It's politically correct.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Set and everything

January targets are all being met. What we need to do now is keep all the information on file.

The Broadway aside to being our residency is also council run. This means that it will have a similar program to the Key Theatre in Peterborough where this Holocaust performance will take place next week.

I wonder if Martin is aware of our devising skills. We've never even pushed the issue.

It's time to get something out there. 'Cranberry Juice'!

It's a great idea, and it sits well in my bonse.

Now i've just got to get it out.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Not bad at all.

First meeting with martin was on Saturday just gone. Kev was ill so it was just me. Still went very well though.

Holocaust project is going well, no problems it's all gone very smoothly. Looking forward to being back in London full time now These seven day weeks are killing me.

Still all good. Oh yeah was able to offer my brother in law a job that felt good. He's coming to Dubai.

Great year so far. And i found a packet of chewits (strawberry flavour)on the train. Life doesn't get much better than this. Well...unless you own a wigwam!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wearing A Suit

I've just come out of a meeting with the Mayor of Peterborough and various council employees.
I thought the Mayor was going to have a punch up at one point. What a laugh!!

Holocaust this afternoon, more ideas and connections.

Maybe a scene involving a chav who is full of his own self importance... no I didn't think it was a runner either.

Monday, January 08, 2007

last time i'm trying.

I've now posted this blog three times. If it doesn't work this time i'm going to bed.

Rob has had to back out of Neville!!


He's a big loss. He has been offered some well paid work with The Blue Mountain Theatre Company, and with a beautiful wife and four charming children he'd be mad not to take it.

Rob I salute you.

Holocaust first day went well, good ideas, good work. Lets see if tomorrow they stick and develope.

Sleep well Rob mate...your family are very lucky!

What a day

Rob has had to back out of Neville! He's been offered a well paid job with the Blue Mountain Company and with a beautiful wife and four charming children to look after he'd be foolish not to take it.

I wish we could pay him, he's gutted.

Rob if your reading this I salute you mate.

It's tough juggleing this job around, jobs tend to come all at once.

Holocaust first day went well. It's nice to be devising again. Good ideas today but it's all about tomorrow to see if any of them stick and are worth developing.

Sleep well Rob mate...your family are very lucky!

First Day

Rob the rascall Maskell has had to drop out of Neville...buger!!!

He's a big loss. Still family commitments have to take charge and i'm proud of his decision. A big money job should help him through the year, and he can bloody well take me for a pint.

It's hard juggleing things in this job, i can't even begin to imagine what it would be like with four children, a beautiful wife and a cat to look after.

Rob if your listening, I salute you!!

Holocaust first day was real good. I think we're going to come up with something completely of the wall. We have built a good understanding of what it means to devise a show, now we've just got to look at content. The ideas are coming thick and fast. That is a good sign.

Tomorrows another day, building scenes and developing characters.

Meeting at the broadway on Saturday. Myself, Kev, Martin and Pete.

Sleep we..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've just cracked it.

Yeah i've just cracked my head on a basin. I bent down to pick up a sock after a very relaxing bath, then crack... I had to sit down for five minutes not sure if I was making a meal of it, or whether infact yes I was emergency room bound. It bloody hurt, and my new years resolution to stop swearing is over. Damn!!!

I've been working hard on Holocaust stuff and i'm near ready to start work with the students....wait a minute, my vision is fine and i'm not wearing my glasses.

Well every cloud..x

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Know Your Product

I went into Ipswich today and met the lady who organises the Pulse Festival. Lynn Whitehead. She gave me some good contacts for workshop purposes in June.

This basically means we can workshop some of our ideas. The students then help us better gage an audience reaction.

The thoughts are coming thick and fast for this devised performance based on 'binge drinking culture'.

Oddly enough i'm feeling quite thirsty!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We're alive.

Yep we survived the turn of the new year. A great night out was had in Cambridge by myself. I believe Kevin went to Church!! Start as you mean to go on kev Aye!!!

I've just had our first conversations of the year with Martin "The Boss" Costello. We've got to set up a meeting in the next two weeks to discuss technicians and georgia's set designs.

Also an early alarm bell, Rob has been offered work from the Blue Mountain group that is very well paid. He's going to have a chat with his beautiful lady wife, and get back to me.

Fingers Crossed XXXXX

Holocaust devising is going well, I came up with gem whilst laying wide awake at two this morning. Needs shaping though.

I think we should throw a party when Kev this fictional character in my blogging life manages to go to post. Come on my fellow founder member, I know you can do it.

So all is good!! Except i've not seen those Indians for a while. Strange but i'd kind of got used to walking past them everyday.

I even debated buying a wigwam. Oh well...maybe in the summer.